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School of fish

Sharon Rashbam Prop

We are willing to protect those who are similar to us. The more there are of us, the more sure of ourselves we feel.We will protect one another so long as the friend next to us confirms our existence.

If we do not back our friends’ existence- why bother living at all?

The strength of a group is in its uniformity. It is guided by law and order. vision scent behavior. Whoever fights over their right to maintain their individuality does so at the expense of their pragmatic friends. Those who give up on the tail-end of the individual. He who embraces unique and different -intimidating- habits.

The group is an oily bubble that chooses volume over content. The individual is an exotic kernel that might become extinct just for lacking the fatty protective layer that the arrogant group provides.

Any experience gone through is an opportunity to evolve. Courage is needed in order to cope with a personal experience and figure it out in order to grow. It is easier to let it go, receive directions from the top regarding coping which had already been tried out, and by doing that skip over that hardship but skip over the discovery as well.

The lone fish will touch upon these strong feelings and experience waves of emotions but its life might end quicker than those fish living within the group. Those that are protected from making decisions and taking risks. Protected by their own fears of themselves .

I prefer the touch of the individual. The small voice heard from within the vast quiet. My own voice.


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