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Sharon Rashbam Prop
b. 1967, Israel. Lives and works in Israel.

Sharon Rashbam Prop’s work focuses on the physical aspects of reality, the landscapes of Israel, the human body and their emotional value. They reflect all that through her tendency to focus on the extreme edges of the cycle of life - childhood and old age. For Sharon, the human figure and the local landscapes are merely a tool and an instrument for contemporary criticism, pointing to self-identity as a product of the linkage between location, politics and love.
Sharon has been using almost exclusively old photographs as a source of inspiration for her work. Photos from her childhood, photos from magazines and newspapers, all of them are an archival repository of images and links. In her paintings Sharon strips down the subjects from the original context and from any identifying information. Sometimes, abstraction gets to the point of blurring and erasing facial features, such that the subject of the painting is no one, and at the same time is everyone and everyone together. The same applies to the landscapes – using her unique pallet of colors, they are nowhere and everywhere at the same time. This allows her as an artist, and those who view her work, to grasp the subject of the painting at a private historical moment but on the other hand observe it respectfully from a distance.
What is private and historical merge in Sharon's Paintings. Born in Kibbutz Givat Haim and a product of the communal children's homes and education, her own childhood is the direct outcome of her upbringing environment. Her paintings are lacking nostalgia for that period of time, but fold and conceal within themselves the various components. "Out of the belief that the Israeli kibbutzim should grow, a new, free and equal Israelis in the politics of the kibbutz economy, children's societies had become an industry Per Se, one of many others. Therefore, the Kibbutz children were deprived the spontaneity and intimacy of their relationship with the caretaker parent", says Sharon. Much has been written about the outcome of the communal education and the severe scars these children bear, an issue which has inspired films, books and many psychological studies.
In Sharon's paintings, the children are crops, sometimes growing in a laboratory. Nature isn’t nature but a product of the Kibbutz culture – plowed fields and fenced flowerbeds. Sharon's artistic language keeps the viewer away from any realistic grasping of nature and the human being, and leaves him nothing but an interpretation of landscapes and portraits as an existential state of mind

2012 Art studio with Monica Lavie, Ramat Gan Museum of Israeli Art
2012 Etching studies with Dan Krieger, Meyerhoff Center, Tel Aviv
2005-2012 Internship at Yadid Rubin’s Studio, Givat Haim Ihud
2002-2005 Rehovot Arts Workshop.
1999-2000 Kibbutz Artists’ Workshop, Tel Aviv
1991-1993 Graphics and art, Avni Institute, Jaffa

Grants and awards:
2002-2005 Stipend for oil painting studies at the Rehovot Arts Workshop
1993 Avni Excellence Prize in Graphics

solo exhibitions:
2016 “When I am little again,” Janusz Korczak House, Munich, Germany
2016 “Longing has no language,” Tel Aviv Artists’ House. Curator: Vera Pilpoul
2014 “Blue Love,” Yad Labanim, Rehovot. Curator: Tal Kobo
2013 “Unnatural,” Herzliya Artists’ House. Curator: Tal Kobo
2013 “The sleep of reason produces monsters,” Rishon Lezion Artists’ House.
Curators: Jennifer Bloch and Ruth Orenbach
2012 “Timeline,” Stern Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Debbie Luzia.
2011 “Whose child are you?” The Edge Gallery, Nahariya. Curator: Lee Ramon
2011 “Turn your head to the wall,” Ziurim Gallery, Kibbutz Orim. Curator: Esti Geng
2011 “Things you don’t tell,” Rishon Lezion Artists’ House. Curator: Shosh Ben
2010 “I’ll be right back,” Jerusalem Theatre. Curator: Noga Arad Eilon
2010 “General Girl,” Gallery in Kibbutz Na’an.
2007 “Etched landscapes,” Sokolov House, Tel Aviv. Curator: Nurit Tal-Tenne

Selected group exhibitions:

2017 Sisterhood, Group exhibition, Herzellilblum Museum, Tel Aviv
2017 Fresh Paint art fair, Tel Aviv
2016 Group exhibition of the gallery artists, Artemisia Gallery, Tel Aviv
2016 “And there was evening, and there was morning; and language became one,”
Kanner House, Rishon Lezion
2014 “A warm home,” Beit Meirov, Holon. Curator: Nurit Tal-Tenne
2014 “Art and about,” Munich, Germany
2014 “Common denominator,” Yad Labanim, Rishon Lezion. Curator: Keren
2011 “Petite,” Stern Gallery, Tel Aviv
2010 “Nâitre femme [born female],” Gallerie Mémoire de l'Avenir, Paris, Curator:
Margalit Berreit
2007-11 Annual benefit exhibition for the Israel AIDS Task Force, Tel Aviv

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